Tokyo Game Show 2011 Dates Finalized

You ready for September? I’m ready for September! While it may be seven months away, the CESA has officially announced that Tokyo Game Show will be taking place September 15th through the 18th.

Over the last few years, both developers and the press have been calling out the show, saying that its reflective of state of the Japanese video game market. And while its still a ways out, hopefully we can hope for some great titles and media from the show this year.

The next real upcoming event is the Game Developers Confrence, which will take place February 28th through March 4th. While we’re bound to see some new stuff there, GDC generally focuses more on development rather than try to be a big media show. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are going to have at least some sort of presence there, plus tons of other publishers, developers, and designers.

So, look forward to that soon in the coming weeks.

(Source: andriasang)

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