TSGWritercast Episode 1

He guys, all of us writers got together and made a podcast. I dunno why, we thought it would be cool. At this time we do not have any opening music or a good name. Also Phanto accidently recorded the whole skype conversation so if you ever hear some echo it’s cus I forgot to cut out a bit of his audio.

The podcast this week of 2/7/2011 has a new segment where we talk about Dark Soul’s, Anarchy Reigns, and more. There is also talk about Radiant Historia from Atlus and a discussion about the 3DS and the NGP. We close out with the game we have been playing the last week.

Here is the music I used this week Platform by Shogu Tokumaru, Rise of the Albatross from Bionic Commando Rearmed, Pac Avenue from Pacman CE DX, and Last Dinosaur from The Pillows off the FLCL soundtrack.

Download here by right clicking and selecting save as. Sorry I don’t have an RSS or Itunes set up yet.


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    1. It’s just the back from commercial thing from FLCL. I thought of using like Hybrid Rainbow or I Think I can but since I can only use 20 to 30 seconds legally I went with that.

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