UnchainBlades ReXX announced for 3DS

The 3DS is reletively light on big games for it’s future and even lighter on big RPG’s. I personally felt that both the PSP and the DS were defined by taking upon themselves the RPG’s that could no longer be developed on Console due to the higher cost of HD development. As a big fan of the DS for the exact reason that it had JRPG’s I really hope that stays true on the 3DS. So far we have a new game from a little dev named Furyu. It’s a collaboration of all kinds of different character designers from Idol Master to the Shining series. The actual game itself is set to be the “Ultimate dungeon RPG” and takes place in a world where monsters are the dominant people. When the monsters are young they have human form until they later grow wings and come into their true potential. You play as a monster who has been exiled to human form and play along with other young monsters who are still in their human form. The game sounds odd but atleast it’s a bit original. We have no news of a US release at all and we might not see one considering the size of the publisher. Let’s just hope maybe Atlus picks it up.


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