5 thoughts on “Psychotaku/JewWario Crossover 2 – Sakigake Otokojuku”

  1. I saw this a couple weeks ago at JewWario’s site. It was awesome then and it’s awesome now. Hitting the translate button on Psychotaku was hilarious. And I’d almost call the peformance racists except that.. well… he’s Japanese, so duh. JW looked good with the googles.

    And Godzilla, the magic is cause the speak the same language. Three same languages. English. Japanese. Entertainer.

    But I’m confused. Wasn’t the last cross over between JewWario and Psychotaku? This one is between Yanki J and Psychotaku. And then Mark shows up, but he’s never met JewWario. How do they know each other? Why is he so mad to see Psychotaku? Crossover continuity can be ugly.

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