3DS Launch Unit Issues

Don’t panic! These issues seems to be be relatively rare and isolated. But as with every hardware launch, there are some bugs and malfunctioning units out there.


Some users are reporting getting ‘Black Screens of Death’ on their Nintendo 3DS with the text “A problem has occured, hold down the power button and restart the system. Contact your local support center if the problem persists.” The story was reported by GoNintendo, whose owner himself has said he’s been experiencing the same issue, but with only Super Monkey Ball 3D. The report specifically mentions Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. Whether this is a software or hardware issue is currently unknown.


Another even more isolated issue is that there is a single report of a 3DS with screen issues. But again, there has only been a single report of this.  You can see the normal and malfunctioned screen after the jump.


Again, these aren’t wide spread issues in Europe or Japan, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Almost every system launch has some degree of malfunctions. Just cross your fingers that you won’t be one of the few.


(BSOD: GoNintendo)
(Screens: GoNintendo)

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