500 Free 3DS Games at UK Launch

Live in the UK and planning on swiping up a 3DS at launch? Pick up your 3DS from HMV on London’s Oxford Street and you might just get a free Nintendo 3DS game!

How do you get this game? Well, you’ll have to be one of the first five hundred people to pick up the 3DS.  Even if you miss out on being the first five hundred, you’ll get yourself some nice swag in the form of a Nintendo 3DS T-shirt and blanket, along with an exclusive launch issue of Official Nintendo Magazine.

If you can’t make it to Oxford Street, you’re gonna be out of luck in terms of a free game or swag. Nintendo still has a deal with ninety nine other HMV stores for midnight launches throughout Europe, so at the very least you’ll get your hands on the system ASAP.

Nintendo 3DS is set to launch March 25th in Europe, a full two days before the North American launch. You win this time Europe…This time…

You can check out all the details about the UK launch here.

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