Arcana Heart 3 Recieves NA PSN Release this April

While fighting game fans have been warming up to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the game they’ve all REALLY been waiting for will soon be here! Arcana Heart 3 is the next in Examu’s popular fighting game series that is well known for its fast gameplay, unique battle system and an all female cast (plus a robot). Aksys have confirmed that the game will be released through PSN in North America this April.


Arcana Heart 3 was originally released in Japan on the 360 & PS3 as retail releases and while North America will not receive this luxury, Europe will. Published by Zen United (publishers of BlazBlue who did a decent job even if they took their sweet time getting it released over here), both the 360 & PS3 version will be available to European gamers in retail form (any US gamer who wants a retail release could alternatively import the European edition since it’s region free). Unfortunately, there is no word as to whether the UK will get the Special Edition of AH3, with such luxuries as a mini towel, label pins and a collection of animé cels. However, Zen United provided such edition for BlazBlue so anything is possible at this stage.

Source: (Siliconera)

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