Beyond Good and Evil HD PS3 out “Later This Year”

As part of the XBLA House Party, Beyond Good and Evil was released on XBLA today for a mere 800MSP. The game is famous for recieving low sales upon launch with a strong cult following developing as time went by. Ubisoft have even said that they will consider a sequel to the game is the sales of the HD version are well. While the game is currently only avaliable for XBLA, Ubisoft confirmed today that the game will be a timed exclusive and it will recieve an eventual PSN release. Ubisoft have commented how a lot of time and care has been putting in from remaking the game from the ground up to make sure that this was less of a cheap port but a complete HD overall that would do justice to the greatness to the original. An exact date (or quarter) hasn’t been confirmed yet but for any 360 who wants to try the cult classic, make sure you have 800MSP to spare and 1.86GB left on your hard-drive.

Source: (Eurogamer)

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