Development Budgets 2-3 Times Larger on 3DS and NGP

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspect of portable titles to publishers are their relatively lost costs to develop for. The Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advanced before it are a huge powerhouses of software because of this. But with every generation prices rise, and the upcoming set of handhelds are no different.


According to a studio head, early titles for the platforms “clearly have budgets two-to-three times what typical DS games have seen in the past.” The main reasons for this increase in costs? “It simply takes more time and effort to design towards all the devices’ advanced features.


It’s a bit sad to see that the further we go in the handheld space the less opportunity developers will have in the retail market. But with the growth of downloadable content, developers now have more than just one outlet for their titles.


(Source: Develop Online)

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