Devil Survivor 2 Announced for the DS

Even though the 3DS is just around the corner, Atlus is doing business as usual and releasing a new game on DS. Devil Survivor wasn’t exactly super popular, but it did do very well critically. Devil Survivor, unlike most Japanese strategy RPGs, allowed you to take many paths to get different endings.


The plot and gameplay were also very interesting taking the popular Japanese plot device of giving the hero’s seven days to save the world. You are given COMPs with the ability to summon demons that you then use in battle. The actual battles take place on the standard grid with demons attributing special movement bonuses. When you reach your opponent on the field, the battle takes place as a two turn mini JRPG battle.


More news on Devil Survivor 2 is that, while it was just announced, Japan can expect to play it this June because it is already 95% complete. They plan to add to the existing systems of the first game by throwing character relationships into the actual battle mechanics. I assume this game will make it to the states if the remake of the first game is.



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