Diablo III Gets a Little More Manly


In case you missed the announcement last week, Blizzard revealed, not a new class but, a new gender option for that class. The Demon Hunter class (formerly only playable as a female character) will now be available to play as a man. Blizzard has released some concept art, as well as some gameplay footage of the male Demon Hunter showing off some of the abilities of the class on the Diablo3 Blizzard home page. If you haven’t checked up on this title in a while, you should. The game looks to be shaping up nicely, though be forewarned—the release date is currently end of 2011.

2 thoughts on “Diablo III Gets a Little More Manly”

  1. “Release date is currently” Best phrasing to use with Blizzard. They make a great product and I do greatly enjoy their games, but they maintain a “When it’s ready” strategy that means nothing is ever done on time.

  2. …um, it was confirmed when the game was announced that all five classes would be playable with both genders, with the male DH being the very last of the ten characters revealed. And if the game’s out this year, I’ll eat my socks.

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