Early European 3DS Owners Get Free T-Shirt Via Club Nintendo

Picking up Nintendo 3DS in Europe launch day? Before you get distracted with all that 3D gaming goodness you’ll probably want to stop by Club Nintendo’s website. Early 3DS registrants get a free T-shirt from Club Nintendo, this is in addition to the 750 stars the system will grab you already.


The T-shirt features a Club Nintendo Logo as well as a picture of the 3DS’s “?” block card. While the press release doesn’t confirm it, you can most likely use the 3DS to put 3D images on the shirt because of the card print. So, how long do you have to get this shirt? Not long at all! There will only be 3,000 T-shirts made available. So, register ASAP!


While not urgent, Europeans will also want to check their third party titles for Club Nintendo points. Europe will be offering point cards inside of 3rd party titles as well. So just because it doesn’t say Nintendo doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to register.


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