Epic Would “Love” to put Gears of War Trilogy on PS3

Looking at Microsoft’s line-up for the year so far is a bit disappointing. We have Gears of War 3 later this year and that’s about it. The series has remained an exclusive on Microsoft’s platform since the original entry, but it sounds like Epic Games is starting to have a bit of change of heart.

Epic Game’s President Mike Capps spoke to Industry Gamer about the possibility of a PS3 release. He answered: “Do we wish we could take all those Killzone and Resistance fans on PS3, and get them to say ‘Gears is awesome’? Yeah, sure, I’d love to ship the Gears trilogy on PlayStation. That would be fun. I want to be there; I want to be everywhere.

Capps went on to mention that the Gears of War franchise is entirely owned by Epic, so they could take it to whatever platform they please. So why not release it on PS3? “Time and time again, when it came down to figure out what we do next with Gears, we sat down with Microsoft and they’ve given us really good, compelling reasons to work with them again.

It would be interesting to see such a huge Xbox exclusive make the jump to PS3. Although it wouldn’t be the first time.

(Via: Gameinformer)

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