Europe gets Persona 3 Portable Special Edition

Europe really is on a roll for special editions! Hot of the heels of the annoucement of the FFIV Complete Collection and the release of the Special Edtion of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Ghostlight, the company largely responsible for the European publishing of Niche JRPG’s such as the Megaten series and Records of Agarest War confirmed that Europeans will recieve their own Special Edition of Persona 3 Portable to rival Atlus’s (The only other Megaten game to recieve a Limited Edition in the UK was Digital Devil Saga 2). The edition will contain 6 exclusive art cards, an A3 sized poster and a 48 page art book (No Junpei hat unfortunatly). As an additional bonus, anyone who preorders the game from Ghostlight’s website will recieve an exclusive T shirt. The special edition will cost £40 however as ANOTHER added bonus, if you use the code GL24327P3P, you can shave £5 off the price reducing it to £35 (Free shipping to Europe, Australia and New Zealand). Persona 3 Portable will be released in Europe this April.

Source: (GhostLight)

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