Final Fantasy IV recieving Collectors Edition in Europe

For all European FF fans out there, Square Enix is released a collectors edition for the complete PSP version of FFIV. This isn’t surprising cosidering that Square Enix have had a rather interesting history of releasing a lot of their PSP collectors editions in Europe such as Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Lord of Arcana (The Limited Edition of Tactics Ogre came out last week over here and I encourage all of you to get it). The 6th port of FFIV contains the original game, FFIV: The After Years Which was a sequel to the story released on Japanese Cell Phones and through WiiWare along with a brand new interlude chapter connecting the two games in question. The collectors edition will include a series of Bromide art cards, a PSP screen cloth as well as a DLC voucher for Final Fantasy 012 Duodecim XX Accent Core or whatever it’s called. The game will hit the UK on April 22 which is a mere 3 days after the American release date of April 19th.

Source: (JoyStiq)

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