First Details and Look at Rocket Slime 3DS

Last week we heard that a sequel to the Dragon Quest spin-off title, Rocket Slime, is in development for 3DS. Now we get a chance to look at what this title will have to offer along with the first shots of the title.


Set to release this winter in Japan, players take control of ships instead of tanks, participating in ship on ship battles. Throughout the game you’ll be able to upgrade your ship so that it becomes more effective. Players will also be able to use the ship to sail around the world, so no worries about your ship only seeing battle action. There will still be on land missions though similar to the last title. You will traverse the land, tossing captured slimes onto conveyor belts.


Interestingly enough, the title will support Street Pass along with online multiplayer, but Square-Enix has yet to confirm exactly what you’ll be doing in each mode. And of course, being a 3DS game, the title features 3D visuals. We’ll have to cross our fingers and hope that the title will see a western release. Until then, check out the first scan for the title.


(Details Source: Siliconera)


(Scan: GameKyo via GoNintendo)

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