GameStop Lists Kid Icarus: Uprising for June

I usually skip over these listings, but occasionally there are exceptions. GameStop Canada has listed a date for Kid Icarus: Uprising, June 19th 2011. So why think anything of it? Well June 19th is a Sunday, the day that Nintendo almost always launches their software. There is something a bit peculiar about this listing though. The title is priced at $44.99, a full $5 higher than most 3DS software that we have seen so far and only $5 less than most Wii software. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo will start charging a premium price for some software like Square-Enix does.


But, if this date is correct, that means we will probably have to hear more before E3. Unless they decide to make a surprise launch, which hasn’t worked well for Nintendo, or pretty much any game company in the past.


(Source: GoNintendo)

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