Get Some Duke Nukem Action Before June

Duke Nukem Forever was just delayed. ‘Oh no, after all of these years I’m finally out of gum! I cannot last until June!’ Fear not gum chewers! You will not have to ration your gum until June, as long as you live in Europe! The long delayed and often reported canceled Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for DS will be launching April 8th in Europe!


It was reported many months ago by Front Line News Letter that the license had been yanked from the title and was being renamed Extraction Point: Alien Shootout, featuring a character named Cam Nash. Apogee Software responded on Twitter to this old report saying, “The Duke Nukem License was never yanked. Apogee owns the agreement for the license, not some third party work for hire developer.


It should be noted that Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, or rather Duke Nukem Trilogy has one of the best trailers ever created by man. I know not how many times I’ve posted this trailer now. But every time Duke Nukem Trilogy is brought up, it must be posted.  No word on if the PSP version of Critical Mass is still on the way, or if the rest of the Duke Nukem Trilogy planned for both portables are still coming.


You can check out some new screenshots after the jump. One of the screens has Duke jet-packing through the desert with a golden pistol.




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