Gimme 5! Best New Revisions In Pokemon Black/White

Black and White have hit, and it’s definitely the most polished and retooled Pokemon game in a while. Here are the best additions and changes in this latest iteration!

5. Only letting you get the current generation’s Pokemon

What I loved about the original Pokemon games was that it had a focus on it’s original roster. I felt like catching them all was actually a possibility (excluding Mew, because who the heck knew how to get Mew). I then got back into Pokemon later with the DS games, where the amount of monsters was approximately 12,672. A bit overwhelming. Now the focus is again on a select list of Pokemon before opening the floodgates of the old bestiary, which is especially great for new players and players who don’t want to buy 50 games to get 5 exclusive Pokemon.


4. Faster battles

Pokemon battles have always been fun, but they’ve traditionally moved at a snail’s pace. It was especially bad when one of your Pokemone was getting destroyed and you had to watch it play out in slow motion. That is no longer the case! Now you can watch your creatures get defeated much faster! Oh, and good battles go faster too.


3. Better EXP system

This is my personal favorite addition. Leveling up your Pokemon, especially late in the game, was always a problem. There were no more trainers to face and wild Pokemon never gave enough experience to make grinding less grindy. Now when you defeat a Pokemon that’s a higher level, you get an experience boost! This evens out the levelling and leads to more reward when you take out a big enemy.


2. Reusing TMs

TMs have always been awesome, allowing you to modify your strategy by adding new moves. I’ve defeated gym leaders just because I had the right TM. Losing them after using them messed up this strategy, though. Instead of being able to change around your strategy, you lost the move forever and bound it to one Pokemon. This was especially bad with Flash, where if you tied it to a Pokemon you didn’t like or use, you lost a team slot to a glorified flashlight. No more! Now you can teach Pokemon to throw rocks as much as you want!


1. Giving you the special legendary right off the bat

Unless a legendary is leveled very highly off the bat, it’s usually useless. You either get it too late to level it up without grinding forever or it’s one like Mew that’s so low-leveled that it’s not really useful in battle. Here, with the mystery item you get at the start, you can get Victini at level 15 early on and then actually use it as a part of your team, taking it along on your journey. And you’ll want too, because the guy is not only powerful but adorable! His energetic smile will lift you up as he lights other living things on fire.

What changes and additions do you like in this latest creature battler? Post them in the comments! Also, tune in to the Pokemon Catch ‘Em All Classic this weekend and donate for Lou Gehrig’s Disease!

(On a side note: Gimme Five will be going on a hiatus for now. I’ll still be writing for TSG, though, so don’t worry! Thanks for reading.)

13 thoughts on “Gimme 5! Best New Revisions In Pokemon Black/White”

  1. dont forget adding pokemarts to pokecenters, and allowing you to keep healing pokemon until you run out of potions/antidotes and what not.

    i.e. before gen 5 if you had two poisoned pokemon, you had to go to your items, select the item, use it on one pokemon, go back to the menu, go to the item, use it on another pokemon. now you can just use to your hearts content

  2. Other than what you mentioned, I really love the addition of the Doctor/Nurse class trainers. They pretty much function as local Pokemon Centers in the middle of an area and they’re typically place about right where you would need them. Save money on healing items and if it you don’t have any, it definitely beats being forced to backtrack to a Pokemon Center and then make your way back again. Also great for grinding.

    Speaking of grinding, Audino is great, as it’s really easy to abuse for fast grinding (and since it can be found in any patch of grass throughout the game, you can keep grinding on stronger and stronger Audino as you progress, so there’s never really a point, at least before you beat the game and old Pokemon start popping out, that this won’t work).

    Just run back and forth along the edge of some grass, wait for a shaking patch to appear, then spray a Super Repel (doesn’t affect the shaking patch and prevents any other Pokemon from getting in your way), and you’re practically guaranteed to get an Audino. Combine this with the Lucky Egg (an item that gives the holder 1.5x normal experience) Professor Juniper gives you after the 5th gym (which is another of the great improvements: Juniper and other people giving you items like the Lucky Egg, free Ultra Balls, etc), and grinding sessions go by at light-speed compared to previous games.

    When the 6th generation and forward ends up coming around, if nothing else, really hope they have something akin to Audino that’s just as easily abusable, as that’s such a great improvement on one of the most annoying parts of the game~

  3. Just like what Buizel and Shiron said, I’m so glad to see there are Doctors/Nurses in some of the larger Routes/Caves. It seriously saves you a lot of time than going back to heal at a PC.

    The combination of the PC and Poke Mart was also a nice touch, too. I was a bit confused on where to find the Mart when I first came to Accumula Town. xD

    Audino was a surprise to me, when it came to EXP boosts. Too bad it doesn’t commonly appear lol.

    The Rotation Battles are also a neat treat to the game. Considering you have three Pokemon out in battle, and it saves time from recalling Pokemon, and instead you just rotate the battle field. Knowing the Pokemon in front is always the main target, it’s like the other two play the cheerleaders. ūüėõ

    What’s also neat, is the Poison effect outside of battle wont affect your Pokemon anymore! I believe this is true, since my Victini was affected by poison, and after the battle, there wasn’t a sign of showing poison’s damage. Sweet deal! It gets equal treatment to the Burn affect.

    Gen 5 pleases me in many reasons.

  4. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with #5. Why? Focusing on only the newbies means a lack of variety in the main game, as you see the same stuff over and over. After seeing RBY and D/P fall prey to that, I will say 150 is too few. Now, you could ask, “then why didn’t they make more?”, and I’ll answer, then they’d suck. Heck, you can already tell they struggled to make it to 150, with weird ideas like the Vanilluxe and Garbodor lines, and the disappointing Klang and Klinklang.

    Having a regional Dex that’s too small also means it’s harder to outfit gym leaders and E4 members properly (I’d personally like them to be not based on type anymore, but that’s not the point). Remember when Aaron had BEAUTIFLY AND DUSTOX? Yeah. In B/W, gym leaders have no more than three, and the E4 all have four (the first time through, at least). I liked D/P’s workaround of giving them Pok√©mon of other types, but these Pok√©mon also use moves of the leader’s type. Why didn’t they do it again?

    I will concede, however, that they did a great job of making many of these Pok√©mon powerful enough that you’d want to use them, so that you’re not stuck with crap because the regional Dex is too small. Sadly, this makes the starters look even more sad in comparison…

    1. Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot about this. Because of this, Alomomola and Emolga don’t evolve from old Pok√©mon like they should have! As a result… we have four useless Pok√©mon instead of two good ones. Blah.

      1. What did you think emolga couldve evolved from?

        Overall I can agree with everyones thinking. The one thing nobody mentioned was the 3-D graphics! I thought areas like Sky Arrow Bridge and Castelia City were amazing!! What a great game.

  5. There’s so much about B/W that pleased me that I can’t even begin to mention it all. I do completely agree with everything Toast mentioned, and I also agree with the things that BuizelBro, Shiron, and Pkmnfan said, especially about the Doctor/Nurse classes.

  6. Though it may be minor I really like the fact that there are alot more “rest” places, numerous times I’ve found myself needed a pokecenter but not wanting to run back to the city to just heal the one pokemon I was using to level. This, albeit minor, is a nice addition that adds to the overall fluid nature of the game.

  7. I can agree with everyone else about the nice little things. It’s all the little tocuhes here and there that really get me though. The pokemon animation really gets me sometimes with certain attack aniamtions that specifically come with the correct move. But I can also see where sf comes from with the limted flexibilty of some gym leaders, and that whole amolamola thing really hurts.

  8. Very good opinions from anyone. I can’t give my opinions, since I haven’t gotten the game yet, but I really hope it’s as good as it sounds/looks! Good luck with the end of the game, for everyone with it!

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