Here’s Some Info On The Last Guardian For Ya

Fumito Ueda has confirmed that for the most part it seems that The Last Guardian is a stealth game focusing on you avoiding the guards patrolling the ruin’s it takes place in. If you are captured and carried to a certain place the game is over, however he said you can escape at a risk that he wouldn’t elaborate on. He also say’s the main character will grow throughout the story, the nature of this growth is unknown as to whether it is gameplay or plot driven but we do know you will never be able to defeat the guards. Fumito also stressed that a major part of the game is relationship between the boy and the creature. If the creature is uninterested in the boy then you won’t be able to have it do things for you and it might not save you when you need it to.  Fumito also said that the game will feature a variety of stages from puzzle based ones to action oriented ones and their size and makeup will vary too.


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