How Does Miyamoto Rate on Metacritic?

If you haven’t heard, Metacritic has started rating developers based on their past content. Miyamoto must have one of the highest scores, if not the highest score…. Right?


No, says Metacritic. While his score isn’t in bad shape, it definitely isn’t what Miyamoto probably deserves.  His score is an 80. How can this happen? Well, Miyamoto is involved in tons of titles. Many of those titles he doesn’t do much work on himself. So even if he barely touched a game, if he had any hand on it he is now rated for it. This includes titles wtih abysmal averages like Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, the lowest title on his list with a average of 46.  Of course not all developers are suffering from this. Nintendo’s very own Eiji Aonuma boasts a score 91, the lowest of which being a 71 on the GBA version of Zelda II.


As with the rest of Metacritic, the averages don’t necessarily mean anything in many cases. Make one hit game and then never touch game development again and you’re considered one of the best developers of all time, score wise.


(Source: NintendoLife)

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  1. one hit game and never develop again and you are one of the best, but make several hit games, and barely be a part of some bad ones and you are not one of the best? really?

    …….what is this i dont even understand how that can be…….i demand they do a re-count! >=

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