Interlude Spans 15 Hours in FFIV: Complete Collection

In the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV, not only are you getting Final Fantasy IV but Final Fantasy IV: After Years and a new chapter called the “Interlude.”

Interlude is set to cover a time peroid between Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV After Years. Previously, Square-Enix hadn’t been too specific on how big the chapter would be. And while it is far from a full forty hour RPG, the chapter still clocks in at a hefty fifteen hours. With Final Fantasy IV and After Years on the disc as well, the Complete Collection is going to keep you busy.

In Interlude you will start at level 30, rather than 1. And while the battle system of the After Years remains unchanged, Interlude keeps the classic battle system from the SNES release of Final Fantasy IV.

(Source: Siliconera)

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