Magicka: Vietnam is an Expansion for Magicka

Magicka was a bug ridden but very interesting isometric action game for the PC. The game took off selling tons of units in it’s first week and grabbing people with it’s sense of humor and it’s fantastic spell combo system. Now they are ready to release more content under the name Magicka: Vietnam. The basic premise is what would happen if Wizards were in Vietnam. Im not going to lie that is a bit of an odd concept but as long as the humor hits and the action is fun it should be great. Check out the trailer after the jump.


One thought on “Magicka: Vietnam is an Expansion for Magicka”

  1. i really should get this game. xD iv been watching Tb and tYC play this for a while(since they started), hilarious people, and they have me really interested in it. i just need to stop being lazy and look for it now, and i can see how this idea would lead to hilarious situations….maybe some troubling ones too…hm….

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