Mega Man X and Chrono Trigger Heading to Japanese VC

If you have been lacking some SNES classics in your gaming diet recently, you might be in luck soon. Japan just announced its Virtual Console line-up for the next month, detailing three titles; the NEOGEO title King of Monsters 2 and the SNES classics Chrono Trigger, and Mega Man X.


You would expect normal prices for these, no? 900 points for a NEOGEO title and 800 for SNES title. While that’s true for Mega Man X and King of Monsters 2, Square-Enix is charging a premium price of 900 points for Chrono Trigger. Not an unfamiliar price point, other than the fact it is usually reserved to import titles. Interesting to see Nintendo budge on that stance.


(Source: Siliconera)

4 thoughts on “Mega Man X and Chrono Trigger Heading to Japanese VC”

  1. Chrono Trigger is still available for the DS. Offering it on the VC does expand the market to those who don’t have a DS (are there people who own a Wii but not a DS?) but does cut into the profits of the DS version’s sales. I’m guessing that’s where the slight markup comes in.

    If it hits US side I’ll pass though. I have the DS version and if I have a hankering to play it again I’ll do it on emulator so I can apply Crimson Echoes anyway.

    1. Yeah, that. The arena and the two bonus dungeons may feel tacked on (though I will forever cherish the memory of making Magus into a glorified punching bag with loot I scored at the arena), but perhaps the biggest improvement featured in the DS version is that there’s no more of that absurd clutter whenever you were in a battle, since you have a WHOLE SCREEN to work with. Once you experience that, you never go back.

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