More Operation Raccoon City Details

Yesterday Capcom officially pulled the lid off of Operation Raccoon City in form of a debut trailer. Along with the trailer they detailed the title as a “third person shooter.” But haven’t the last couple Resident Evil titles been technically third person shooters? Does it play like a real third person shooter or stick to the Resident Evil style? According to Capcom’s Masachika Kawata, the title’s controls will feel more like a traditional third person shooter than the pseudo stop and pop controls of the past titles.


Despite being set around the time of Resident Evil 2 and 3, the title features an all new story. And as you could guess after the reveal of the players having to take down Resident Evil veteran Leon S. Kennedy, this story takes place in a parallel world. Through this they hope to refresh the story of Raccoon City. “We’ve covered a lot of Raccoon City’s story up to now, but I think putting the player on the side of the villains will give them a brand new experience. The main keyword during development is ‘Kill Leon.’”


So how long till we get the title in our hands? Masachika says the title is at about 45% in terms of completion. Capcom has said that we can expect a more complete version of the title at E3.


(Source: Famitsu via VG247)

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