More Signs of Console Release of SSFIV: Arcade Edition

Ready for a fourth version of Super Street Fighter IV? Right after the 3D versions launch, we might be getting another! We heard about the possibility through the Korean rating system a few weeks back. Now the European BBFC, is supporting this with listings for an Arcade Edition. This listing also brings us a possible June 24th release date for the title as well.


Capcom has a Captivate event in April, so you might want to be on the look out for it there. Being only a month before the launch, this seems like it would be the only event to announce this title at.  The arcade version has two new characters, Yun and Yang. A new character, Evil Ryu, is set to head to the arcade version as well. I’d imagine all three would be included in an Arcade Edition.


(Via: VG247)

2 thoughts on “More Signs of Console Release of SSFIV: Arcade Edition”

  1. Oculin, don’t forget about Oni Akuma. Evil Ryu, Oni Akuma, Yun, AND Yang were new characters in the Arcade version. Personally, I think that these new characters and balances should be DLC and Patches respectively. I dont think that we should have to pay an exorbitant amount AGAIN for these things that could probably be done as such. Capcom is just raking in with its hugest cash cows, and its really showing.

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