New Earth Seeker Footage

Yeah, we’re not getting Wii exclusive Earth Seeker, as or right now at least, but I thought you guys might fancy some footage from the title. The footage after the jump mostly consists of commercials and promotional videos, but it still does a good job showing off a good bit of gameplay… And a live action Minotaur man.

Earth Seeker follows the story of mankind’s search for a new Earth. After the Earth has been eaten by a black hole, mankind escapes via spaceships. One of these ships crash lands on a new planet.

The only survivor of the trip is an onboard computer set to transform the world around it to a new earth, even going as far as to create new humans. The computer, however, malfunctions from the crash, and in addition to creating a more Earth-like world, also creates monsters that now terrorize the planet. As one of the generated humans, you set out to take out these, often large, monsters.

The title has a bit of a Monster Hunter spin to it, but that comes as no surprise. Some of the talent behind the title had previously worked on Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.

(Source: Siliconera)

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