New Redesign March 2011

Sunrise is fast-approaching so let me get this done quick. This has been a couple months in the making and it’s taken a couple all day’ers and an all night’er to make it happen in time for the marathon.

I know there will probably be issues here and there with this new redesign and it is a pretty drastic change format-wise to what everyone is used to, however I’m quite optimistic that everyone will get used to it and like it. It’s no Gawker redesign 😉

List of additions:
– Featured post slider (thanks to Diana)
– Fancy background pokemon thing (thanks to Rust)
– Marathon post slider
– Tips page

Other things:
– Moved static images and some JS scripts to a CDN
– Finally added

Anyway feel free to leave your comments, opinions, questions, point out a bug below and I will get to them when I wake up…I hope you all find everything okay.

P.S – I’m still working on the mobile site. Will get to that tomorrow also.


12 thoughts on “New Redesign March 2011”

  1. Wow, this actually looks amazing. Great job local, and everyone else who contributed.

    I also just noticed, while scrolling, that the Pokemon background sort of changes shades. Nice.

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