New Rocket Slime Game Planned for the 3DS

Rocket Slime, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated DS titles around. It was an action game in the Dragon Quest universe that centered around Slime Tanks. Luckily, a second game in the series is being planned and it will hopefully come out in America, however we can’t be sure.

The new game is taking it to the open seas with naval battles. I am really hoping they give this game a chance in America because it sounds great.

(Tiny Cartridge)


One thought on “New Rocket Slime Game Planned for the 3DS”

  1. I remember Rocket Slime! That game was great, although I never could beat the last boss (it was so cheap and insanely difficult compared to the rest of the game). I’d be glad to see another one come over to America, though.

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