New Spiderman Game in the Works

Beenox, developer of Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions is set to deliver the next game in the Spiderman franchise. A panel for Activision/Spiderman has been reserved on Saturday, April 2nd at WonderCon in San Francisco. The listing for the panel gave details on a presentation involving post launch reactions to Shattered Dimensions as well as pictures showcasing the next Spiderman game. The panel will feature several important people in the Spiderman bis, including Spiderman 2099 co-creator Peter David, as well as the voiceover artist Josh Keaton, and several developers from Beenox.

(Source: Joystiq)

One thought on “New Spiderman Game in the Works”

  1. Is it being made by Tidus? Please tell me it’s by Tidus. Then ProtonJon can spend 4 years promising to LP it before finally starting, then stop working on cause he is too busy, which eventually results in Chugga making veiled reences to it duing a group LP months later.

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