Nintendo GDC Round-up (Yee-Haw) *Update*

Lets get the important stuff out of the way, there’s a brand new Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword trailer and it looks fantastic. Shows of some very unique puzzles and enemies based on the 1 to 1 sword motions and the style is still looking great. I really think what Twilight Princess was missing was just a neat gimmick to make it different and it looks like Skyward Sword has it. You can check out that trailer after the jump as well as some other more detailed news on 3DS Wi-Fi points and some non-gameboy games on the 3DS virtual console.

The virtual Console will be getting both Turbographx 16 games and Gamegear games which is fantastic cus now you will finally be able to play them without your handheld running out of batteries in 2 seconds. Both handhelds had some very respectable games on them, but they were just priced much to high for the market.

There’s also one last bit of news is that Nintendo is partnering up with AT&T to provide over 10,000 Wi-Fi points across the nation. This sounds much better than the McDonald’s partnership they had for the 3DS and will most likely branch out to bookstore’s and coffee shops.

*Update* (Sorry guys I had to run off before I could find all the announcements)  The biggest announcement by far is the confirmation that a 3D Mario game is coming to the 3DS and that it is being worked on by the Mario Galaxy team. For the first time ever Nintendo is releasing a full new 3D Mario game onto a handheld.

Also Nintendo announced that the handheld will be getting support for Netflix when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Netflix will have all the 2D content it currently supports and it’s also planning to start streaming 3D content as well that you could watch on your 3D TV or 3DS. This should be coming to the 3DS in May.

Finally now that I have all of that news out of the way lets check out the Skyward Sword Trailer.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo GDC Round-up (Yee-Haw) *Update*”

  1. …Cosmoid you forgot a lot of things. June release date for Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 3DS announced with possibility of raccoon suit, and nintendo announcing that they are working on “something” for the 25th anniversary of zelda/

  2. I love the excellent new announcments that have come out. Skyward Sword looks amazing, I think the Motion Plus will make an great addition to the difficulty of the game. And a 3D Mario game on a handheld…GOING TO BE AN AMAZINGLY AWESOMESAUCE GAME! Especially since it’s being worked on my the Galaxy team. Another thing is the character that was showed in Skyward Sword, I’m guessing the main villian or some sort of villian, looks pretty cool.

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