PS3 Finally Passes 360 Worldwide

For the last half a decade the console wars haven’t really budged. The Wii has remained on top, the 360 stayed in second place, and the PS3 in third. Over the years though, the PlayStation 3 started closing the gap between itself and the 360. According to Strategy Analytics, as of the end of 2010 the PlayStation 3 is now officially number two in the world, beating the 360 out with 43.4 million units, compared to the 360’s 42.9 million units. Nintendo still leads with a whopping 75.5 million units sold.


The PlayStation 3 does have advantage though. Microsoft’s consoles have never been popular in the Asian regions, the 360 is no exception. While the market isn’t as large as North America and Europe, it still has given Sony a boost. Strategy Analytics expects the PlayStation 3 to remain in the number two spot throughout 2011.


Look at how happy the PS3 is with his little flag. Victory for it.


(Source: Gamasutra via VG247)

6 thoughts on “PS3 Finally Passes 360 Worldwide”

  1. Just curious, where did you get this information? VGChartz has the PS3 about 4 million behind the 360 worldwide, with the PS3 at about 49m and the 360 at 53m.

    1. The numbers in the article come from the data firm Strategy Analytics.

      VGChartz is pretty shaky in general. I personally find them good for getting estimates, but when it comes to getting exact numbers, they’re no good.

  2. Ps3’s slogan now: “We’re number two, we’re number two, xbox360 it sucks to be you!” But in all seriousness, games are what matter, not just the consoles themselves.

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