Robotic Notes gets Second Trailer

5PB’s track record of creating what is essentially the Metal Gear Solid’s of the Visual Novel genre with their relentless scientific explanations, varied cast of characters and huge cult following continues with the third game in their “science” series entitled Robotic Notes. When I first reported on this, the game was rumoured to be a collaboration with Hideo Kojima and Suda51 and the only details could be found in a 15 second trailer showing a variety of locations in the game. Well, to anyone who cares (Me), Famitsu put up a second trailer that’s a whopping TWENTY SECONDS LONGER than the original trailer displaying one of the possible heroines along with more interesting psuedo-scientific technobabble. When the game was first announced, 5PB said the game was pproximatly 1% complete however considering the relative simplicity of the Visual Novel genre, expect a release sometime this year in Japan.

Source: (Famitsu)

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