Rumor: Ubisoft Expecting $349.99 Price Point for 3G Enabled NGP?

We’ve all seen the NGP, and it looks great. But I think the question that came to everyone’s mind was, ‘how much is this going to cost?’ Well, Ubisoft may have an idea of how much Sony will be charging for the platform.


A research firm sponsored by Ubisoft sent out surveys which included questions about the consumer’s feelings on the NGP. One of the questions in particular started off saying, “the retail price of the Sony NGP is expected to be around $350” for the 3G enabled SKU, while placing the 3G-less version at $250. The question was meant to ask if this price point was too high for the consumer.


With a rumored 2011 release in multiple regions, Sony will probably need to start talking price points soon. Of course, they could pull a Nintendo and just wait to tell us two months before release, followed by waiting a month before release to tell us what software will even be available at launch.


(Source: Kotaku)

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