SEGA Announces Five Game Gear VC Titles

As we heard earlier this week at GDC, Nintendo will be offering platforms outside of Nintendo’s on the 3DS’ Virtual Console. Naturally, the Game Gear is one of them.

While these titles are only confirmed for Japan, we are probably likely to see all five hit North America. SEGA in their collection of titles has two starring the blue hedgehog: Sonic Drift 2, and Sonic Triple Trouble. Puzzle fans will appreciate Columns, and action adventure fans might wanna check out GG Shinobi. And last, but not least, Dragon Crystal: Shirani’s Maze.

Nintendo hasn’t detailed the pricing structure for the 3DS’ Virtual Console yet, so who knows how much the titles will cost. But this is a great opportunity for those of us who never picked up SEGA’s battery eating hand-held.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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