Segagaga Fan Translation Restarted

Segagaga was launched as the last major release by SEGA for the Dreamcast as a ultimate tribute to SEGA’s legacy before they left the console wars. You took control of Taro Sega and Yayoi Haneda as you rescued SEGA from the evil DOGMA who was a parody of SONY (at the time, the Sony Playstation 2 was outselling the Dreamcast, and it was a move that SEGA was never able to recover from).


Unfortunately, the game was never released outside of Japan. A fan translation has been around since 2007, however it was presumed dead after no new update had been made for around 2 years. Until now that is! Adeligan ,the original translator for the game, started the blog 2 weeks ago stating that new staff had been allowed to work on the project and that their work is now moving more smoothly than ever. As Segagaga is a game that is crammed full of in jokes, parodies, and lots of various history about the SEGA company, the team has a lot more work to do despite the translation having taken so long. On the other hand, it’s nice to see that the fan translation is succeeding where many others have failed.

Source: (Segagaga)

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