Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! The final chapter!

And now we’ve reached the final chapter in the epic tale of two trainers and their Pokémon that hate each other! I combined parts 9 and 10 since 10 was just a single image. So, how does it all end? Check the jump and find out!

Ah what an epic tale for all time! Surely it will be remembered for generations to come! So did we win???

… No, no we did not. As it turned out, we were up against the only entrants that made an animated Flash cartoon based on the fight. That caught the judges’ eyes (and rightly so) and though we put up a good fight, we didn’t get to go to the next round.

But were we upset?

Nope! A bit disappointed, sure, but hey, we had a lot of fun, made a silly story, and tried our best! Working with Ju-Fate was awesome, and I’ll never forget it! So thanks for watching this goofy tale, and I hope you all have some funny stories of your own when Pokémon Black and White come out!

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