Sting and Atlus team up to bring Gloria Union

VanillaWare AND Sting in one day?! Is it Christmas come early or what! For those that don’t know (I pity you), Sting is a company most well known for their Dept Heaven Series which involves a series of innovative SRPG’s which want to bring something new to the Genre (Members currently include Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union: We Will Never Fight Alone, Knights In The Knightmare and the soon to be released GunGnir.) Related to Yggdra comes the Unison series which is set of Spinoff SRPG’s as part of that unique world. The first of these games was Blaze Union which was released for the PSP in Japan last Summer. Sting will be collaborating with Atlus to bring the world of gaming Gloria Union.

Gloria Union will be helmed by Radiant Historia creator Horishi Konichi with character designs by ex Tri Ace employee Sunaho Tobe, who also did the character designs for the original Yggdra Union. The game revolves around Ishuto, who wishes to become the greatest pirate in the world so he goes treasure hunting with his sister (and people say that all JRPG’s have terrible writing…). The game is set to be released in Japan June 23rd and while so far all of the Dept Heaven games have arrived in the US, Sting has never released a single one of their games in the UK as of yet.

Source: (Siliconera)

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