Toy Soldiers: Cold War Announced

Toy Soldiers, not the movie with David Cross where toy’s come to life, but the Xbox Live Arcade game is getting a sequel. The first game was a sort of tower defense action strategy game where you placed bunkers and planes and other units to battle off waves of enemies on a tabletop. The major twist being that you could take control of any unit in the game to help out in destroying the enemy in a quicker fashion. The developer, Signal Studios, has now announced that the sequel will take place during The Coldwar. The game will feature online and split screen Co-op modes and you can check it out at the PAXEast booth #850 along with Gunstringer, Fire Pro Wrestling, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, and Trenched. You can also check out the trailer after the jump and see the added Rambo, Apaches, and crazy destructible buildings.



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