Trine 2 ‘Alluring Adventure’ Gameplay Trailer

The developer Frozenbyte (the creator of the first Trine game) has released a new trailer showing off some gameplay footage of Trine 2. According to Frozenbyte, the trailer shows only in-game material; so, what you see is what you’ll get out of this sequel to a comfortably successful title.



Not only does the gameplay look better than the first Trine (as far as graphics and creative stage settings go), but Frozenbyte has decided to incorporate a few interesting mechanics into the puzzle aspect of the game. They also appear to have implemented a host of new mobs, as well as including online and offline co-op.


If the first Trine raised your eyebrow in the least, do yourself a favor and check Frozenbyte’s community page that lists trailers for Trine 2.



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