TSG Video Review: MindJack

A review that’s a bit overdue, MindJack for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! This third person shooter comes to us from the unlikely developers Feel Plus along with Square-Enix as the publisher.

MindJack puts a unique spin on the third person shooter with online mechanics found in few other titles, along with the ability to “MindJack” units, essentially possessing them. But are these features enough to push MindJack beyond that of the likes of Gears of War or Vanquish? Or is it simply one big gimmick.

Find out in our review after the jump!




  • Demon Souls-like online mechanic that brings mulitplayer into single player
  • Possessing units makes for some interesting strategies


  • Small issues that plague every aspect of gameplay
  • Main pull of the title has plenty of issues on its own
  • Sloppy dialog, voice acting, and story telling
  • Level design doesn’t use the potential of MindJacking capabilities

Score: 4.0

out of 10

3 thoughts on “TSG Video Review: MindJack”

    1. We use a 10 point scale. Sorry about that, I’ll clear it up. Hadn’t really thought about it since in the past our titles have been mainly 8 and above lol. It may seem low, but there was a lot of stuff I couldn’t cram into that 8 minutes.

      The title is plagued with issues throughout, but the multiplayer and mind jacking abilities are, at the very least, interesting.

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