VanillaWare and Marvelous team up for Grand Knights History

After VanillaWare and Marvelous teamed up to make Muramasa: The Demon Blade, VanillaWare has been quiet about their most recent project (unless they really have been working on GrimGrimoire all this time.) In today’s weekly issue of Famitsu, their next collaboration entitiled Grand Knights History was announced with Tomohiko Deguchi (director of Muramasa) directing, Yoshifumo Hashimoto (producer of Muramasa) also producing this game and Hitoshi Sakimoto (composer of various games such as Sokyugurentai, Radiant Silvergun and well… Muramasa) as the games composer. The game will be a turned based RPG for the PSP, making this VanillaWare‘s first outing into a portable console outside of the Princess Crown port as well as the first RPG that VanillaWare has worked on.

The story involves three different kingdoms fighting for the rule of Ristya. On one hand you have the Logres ruled by King Fausel, on the other hand you have Avalon run by Queen Muse, and on the other foot you have the Union governed by King Leon and Princess Sefia (Sefia? Ristya? Fausel? Turn based RPG? Am I looking at Dept Heaven Episode III or am I just dreaming?) Your character will be a knight in one of the three armies as you fight for your country and rule of Ristya. Deguchi made a big point of its network play where various players could get together and fight other opponents from opposing sides *cough*StarCraft*cough*. Grand Knights History will be released in Japan this Summer and while there is no news of an English Release, considering that VanillaWare‘s backlog has fully been released in English (Princess Crown aside due to the loss of the source code), the future looks bright.

Source: (Siliconera)

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