What Do You Want from Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS! It comes out tomorrow (or midnight Sunday morning, whatever), in case you didn’t know. Unless, of course you live in Europe. Then you might already have it! Oh, European delight. I’ve already shared my first impressions of the platform, but now I want to ask you guys some questions about Nintendo 3DS. I figured before the rest of us get our hands on the 3DS, I’d ask how you feel about the platform in general and what you expect in the future. If you’re getting Nintendo 3DS at launch, why? Is it the investment? The launch software? Why day one? If you aren’t getting one or waiting, why not? Is the software not interesting enough for you yet? Does the system in general seem like a gimmick? What needs to be done to quench your thirst to push you to buy the system?


Right out the gate, I’m not too excited. Most launch software isn’t interesting enough to take out my wallet. Even looking at upcoming titles, I don’t really see anything particularly interesting. What does excite me though is Nintendo’s push to be more cooperative with third parties. No, I don’t particularly care if Call of Duty or Metal Gear Solid ends up on 3DS. I’m hoping the improved relations will push more third party collaborative software, whether it be a new IP or an old franchise. These collaborations always create unique software with a Nintendo spin in genres, settings, and themes Nintendo normally wouldn’t step foot in. Nintendo has been doing this for quite some time now, but the more the merrier. The last really big title Nintendo did this with was The Last Story, developing alongside with Mist Walker and AQ Interactive.

The Last Story on the Wii is both a third party collaboration and a title yet to be localized


And for me particularly, there’s all those C level franchises and standalone titles Nintendo will produce that I’m looking forward to coming along. But given Nintendo of America’s track record, I’m not particularly keeping my fingers crossed for localization. Region-lock for the lose.


In terms of the hardware itself, Nintendo, as with the Wii, has excited me with their online plans. Note the word “plans.” Nintendo Wii had an awesome 24/7 connection concept that was never utilized to any degree. Instead it just made your system as hot as Local due to the lack of power to the fans. Nintendo’s ‘always connected’ strategy on the 3DS seems to be the revival of this idea, connecting you to any open hotspot it passes as well as other 3DSs. We’ll have to see if Nintendo decides to pull the rug out from under this feature again though.


Everyone has a 3DS! Even the cat!


So, yeah. Not a particularly long article. I mainly made this because I wanted to see what you guys think of the Nintendo 3DS and what kind of software or system features you’d like in the future. Comments section! It’s below! Type in it, and make me happy.


Also, don’t forget to check out our 3DS coverage starting tomorrow via the live stream. I also plan on doing an unboxing ASAP, so look out for that on TSGPress.

10 thoughts on “What Do You Want from Nintendo 3DS?”

  1. Im getting it at launch. The main reason im getting it is for the eventual games that will be coming out on the system. Plus im a huge sucker for almost all things nintendo. The games im planning to get at launch are SSFIV3D and nintendogs. Not the most exciting games but should hold me until the heavy hitters later this year.

    As for the 3D being gimmicky i do agree. It seems to be in there much more for marketing than for gameplay. Doesn’t mean im not excited to see how it looks.

  2. Personally, I’m not going to get it (even though Devil Survivor is going to be released on it). Although, my little brother is going to get it…soooo…~

  3. I’m getting it on launch just because I like new shiny things, but once I heard OoT is coming out for it I was sold since that is one of my favorite games of all time. I hope they remake Majora’s Mask for it also. That would be awesome!

  4. I will buy the 3DS if it comes with a free Brand new Car, a million dollars, a vacation to some exotic islands, and probably a paid in full wedding and house. If those things arent free with my purchase of a 3ds, i will not be purchasing one. I’ll just come chill at your house an play yours lol

  5. also i would get it if it had better controls, didnt have 3d, had great home console graphics and something NEW. not the same stuff thrown on the system just changing the colors or some bs that they do. i mean i dont need a camera for my DS, i dont need lights or flashing things or 3d junk. i have a camera for pics and earrings for sparkle and flashlights for light, and i live in freakin 4d. also i dont need a handheld system b/c i never leave work so i guess my opinion doesnt really count lol. i see no need for this stuff. i just need to stick with consoles.

  6. As a nintendo fanboy, I have it preordered from amazon and will be getting it around April 4thish which is great because that’s right after i get back from a tournament ^.^

    I mainly preordered it due to future titles. OoT Remake is an amazing idea, even though I have the remake that was made for Gamecube. I’m also looking forward to Paper Mario 3ds, given that currently Paper Mario is my favorite series. and there are more games coming that i’m like <3 to, soooo i'm glad i'm getting it ^.^

  7. If I had the cash to purchase the 3DS on launch I would have to pass. I will be waiting for a redesign before I take the plunge. I am not a fan of the current system design; It looks like caca imo. The 3D effect also strains my eyeballs quite a bit. my biggest hope for the future of the 3DS is a bigger support of the virtual console. Nintendo completely dropped the ball with the Wii version. I do feel that the 3DS could have a promising future but, for the time being I have a bigger interest in what the NGP can bring to the table.

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