Where’s the Wii Software, Reggie?

Mario Sports Mix! That game was cool kind of-ish right? Yeah! So what’s next? Skyward Sword! When? Who knows!

Yeah, this year hasn’t exactly been an active first quarter in terms of Wii software. There was a heavy push of titles at the end of last year for the holiday season, and now just silence. Where are our Wii titles?

We have had to effectively prepare for the launch of 3DS as well as effectively prepare for the launch of Pokémon Black and White,” Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime told to IGN.  “Candidly, we’ve pushed out some Wii launches so we can focus on our handheld business. We’re already juggling two big balls. To add a third would be a little bit challenging. Or a fourth or a fifth.

So, when will we actually start seeing content? “We’re waiting to space things out and let Pokémon Black and White and 3DS live and breathe out there. But there’s content coming and we’ll be sharing more in the weeks ahead. We’ll be bringing some content out before E3 and then certainly at E3 we’ll be sharing some news.

Before E3 certainly seems soon. They have three and a half months to announce and launch the product though, so it might be a bit tight. The short might be fitting for a localization, say for Xenoblade or The Last Story (I’ll never give up.) Or it can be some of the more recent announced titles like Kirby, Tower of Pandora, or Rythem Heaven. We will have to wait and see.

(Via: Nintendo Life)

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