Zelda OoT 3D “Crammed” with New and Interesting Things

If you need more of a reason to pick up The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time outside of all new visuals and some user interface changes, then Nintendo might still have some treats up thier sleeves for you.


According to Iwata in the latest Iwata Asks,  “the Nintendo 3DS version of Ocarina of Time is crammed with interesting things that weren’t in the Nintendo 64 version.” What things exactly? “We’ll wait to talk about those the release.” Thanks Iwata!


Recently it was announced by Nintendo of America that Ocarina of Time also features the previously Gamecube exclusive Master Quest, essentially giving you an alternate adventure to plow through when the title launches this June.  Also new to the 3DS version is a new menu to easily switch between items, including those pesky Iron Boots made you jab that big red button every thirty seconds on the Nintendo 64.


Hopefully we will be hearing some more soon. The more content the better!

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