2D Umineko Fighting Game Coming to Xbox 360

Umineko is a series of visual novels noted for their abstract characters, absurd storylines and general perpelxing insanity. The series have spawned Light Novels, Animé, Manga, and now it’s own doujin video game. The original version of Umineko was conceived as an indie PC fighting game displayed at last years Otakon (The same way that Melty Blood came into fruition) and it was shown to be one of the highlights of the event as the developers managed to take the characters everyone knew and loved and placed them in a fighting game with amazing animation, a framerate for a 2D fighter not seen since Street Fighter 3 or Garou: Mark of the Wolves and in general, all the components of a very awesome game.

What’s even better is that Alchemist (Creators of GalGun AKA Game of the Year 2010) confirmed that they are working on a 360 port of the Doujin featuring three new characters (Rosa Ushiromiya, George Ushiromiya and Jessica Ushiromiya), New scenarios and endings that will expand of the mythos of the series as well as Xbox Live compatability for smoother online play. No release date has been specified although fingers crossed for a region free release (If you can’t wait for that, Arcana Heart 3 came out on NA PSN for $30 if you can’t wait for a solid 2D fighting game, get to it!)

Also, this is my 200th news post, so yay to me.

Source: (Andriasang)

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