Anatotitan Leaving TSG FOREVER

Yes, sadly my time here has come and gone. I became TSG’s artist during the Final Fantasy marathon, and it’s been a crazy ride! But clearly it is time for me to go.


When I walked into TSG’s office last week, Britt was sitting at his desk with his arms folded. “Sit down,” he said sternly, “we need to talk.” I asked him where I was supposed to sit when there weren’t any chairs available, and he pointed to the center of the floor. I squinted and finally spotted the little doll house recliner sitting where any functional human brain would place a normal chair.  Faced with no other option, I crouched just above the tiny toy chair, as if I was frightened by it and was showing it my butt as some kind of animalistic threat display.


“Ana–” he began. I interrupted to remind him that’s not my real name, but he interrupted my interruption with a karate chop to the appendix and neck. Having seen his side of the story, I chose to no longer press the issue. “Your art’s been on the decline,” he said, “what started off as Passable At Best has now slid back into ComicGenesis Vomited into my eye sockets and posted a video of it on Youtube and then it goes viral and you see hundreds of copycat videos trying to score a few views and then memes sprout up about how bad it is and then a local news affiliate warns parents that their kids might be using it as a secret code in order to illegally download drugs from the internets.” I couldn’t help but feel like his metaphor broke down at some point, but that might have just been the internal bleeding talking.

So yes, I have been unceremoniously fired. Well, “unceremoniously” is probably too strong a word, since the moment I walked out of the office I stepped into a “YAY SHE’S FINALLY GONE WE ARE FREE ONCE AGAIN” techno dance party in the next room. Many thanks to Local for putting that together at the last minute; IT WAS A BLAST! But anyway, I’ll miss you all! And please be nice to Oscar; it’s not easy being the artist,but he’s promised to do his best!


Here’s one last image to remember me by…


19 thoughts on “Anatotitan Leaving TSG FOREVER”

  1. This wouldnt have been a let down if we knew this was an April Fools’ joke by seeing the title of this blog on April Fools’ Day.

    Yeeeeah I’m a party pooper. 😛

    No way we’d ever get rid of you Ana. <3 YOURE STUCK WITH US FOREVER WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. MUCH LOVE.

  2. Well at least britt didn’t know about the trip to cuba with the mimes and the juggalos and the kangaroo batteling circuit…wait…. I may have said too much….YOU DIDN:T SEE ANYTHING *POOF SMOKEBOMB*

  3. I actually REALLY believed you Ana. U SO MEAN. lol but that was because I read it today. (which is not April Fools) Well, may your work shine throughout the TSG community FOREVER.

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