Capcom Announces Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is set to be Capcom’s first ever open-world action RPG. It looks to be set in a pretty basic fantasy world, but it is apparently combining both Party management and the open-world aspects to create a unique experience. From the previews I have read of the game Capcom is really trying to create an RPG where you are open to tackle obstacles the way you want to. An example is in a fight with a large Griffin you can grab it’s feathers and climb on it, but this isn’t just a set thing. You can grab onto it anytime during the battle and attempt to climb it. They also pointed out the constant chatter from your AI companions who are also fighting and can relay information they discover during the battle to you through banter, such as weakpoints or what weapon seems to be working best. You can expect the game to come out in early 2012. Enjoy this trailer Capcom released as well after the jump.



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