Capcom of Japan Thinks Mega Man Isn’t Popular in America

Capcom is a bit of a funky company. One week they’re giving fans everything they want, the next week they’re charging you for single character roster updates to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This is kind of one of those “…what?” moments out of Capcom.


According to Capcom’s Seth Killian, apparently the Japanese branch of Capcom thinks Mega Man isn’t popular in North America. “There is also sort of this weird issue in Japan where a lot of Japanese developers, at least internal in Capcom, sort of don’t believe Mega Man is popular in the U.S. Like ‘Really? Really really?’ because he is really popular here. People really like the character, X, and everything down the line.” I’m not going to say Mega Man is Call of Duty or something, but I’d say the series has quite a following.


Seth also says talks about what you can do if you’re worried about Mega Man Legends 3 being canned. “Frankly, if you can rally your friends [for Mega Man Legends 3] they are looking at that kind of thing. I gotta say this isn’t a cheap publicity stunt where like (says in a comical voice) you can get all of your friends over to come here and help us out then the game’s future is OK. (back in his regular voice) Those are a contributing factor, but it’s also dependent on the team’s own work and the project they can put together with the budget and timeline they’ve been assigned.


Mega Man Universe was just canceled yesterday. So for now we will just have to wait and keep our eye on Legends 3.


(Source: Siliconera)

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