Capcom Says “No” to Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Localization

Capcom announced Ace Attorney Investigations 2 for the original DS well after the fact that we knew about 3DS.  So the question of a localization has always been there. The  title launched in February in Japan, but there were still no signs of a western release.


In an live stream Ask Capcom Q & A session,  a fan asked if Ace Attorney Investigations 2 would see a release here. The reply was direct and simple. “No, sorry about that.” Definitely seems very direct compared to most companies when asking about a localization.  So unless Capcom is just leading us on to believe so, don’t expect to get a second go around with Miles Edgeworth.

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Quote is at 29:40

7 thoughts on “Capcom Says “No” to Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Localization”

  1. Why?

    Just…why? I mean, no, they’ve never been multi-million selling games, but they have a VERY devout following, and pretty much everyone who owns a DS has heard of them.

    Capcom’s going crazy, it seems. It’s kind of depressing.

  2. Well, he said it pretty fast. So I think he has no info on it yet, he doesn’t know, or perhaps like the story above says, he is just leading us to a surprise announcement.

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